Carbohydrate Diet – Part One

H and the currently accepted that the most efficient fat burning is carbohydrate-free diet. Let’s look at it in more detail and determine if this is true? Already in name, you probably guessed that this diet involves cutting back on incoming carbohydrates. As for proteins (proteins) and fats, first we are obliged to take a huge amount, and second – moderate.

In a nutshell, we have a simple principle: the creation of an energy deficit, by reducing carbohydrates, as a result, the body is forced to use alternative sources of energy, such as fat.

But in order to understand such a complex diet, you need to possess at least a basic knowledge base, with which we will introduce you below.

Why do you need carbohydrates?

Surely every reader knows about the importance of carbohydrates, of which we spoke in one of the previous articles, so we recall, they are the main sources of energy, and we are talking not only about muscles, but also about brain cells. That is why our parents and grandmothers are always advised to drink green sweet teas in the morning, for this is a good energetic in the amount of glucose, on which the human brain actually works. But more on that later.

The body draws glucose from carbohydrates, which is the main “fuel”. Fat acts as an alternative source of energy in the face of fatty acids, each gram of which, splitting, gives us as much as 9 kilocalories (kcal), while a gram of glucose or protein – 4 kcal. As you can see, fatty acids, in fact, are an inexhaustible source of energy. Unfortunately, it is for this reason that the body is trying to postpone them for a rainy day, i.e. for emergency situations. A carbohydrate-free diet applies to just such cases.

What does our body work on?

So, we have three types of “fuel”, each of which is used in different situations. As mentioned above, carbohydrates are the main source, as a result of which they are initially supreme 500 male enhancement consumed. It is worth noting that any intense exercise is due to the destruction of glucose, in the face of glycogen, which filled our muscles. In addition, it can be found in the human liver. Of course, fats are not used at all, as well as the car does not drive simultaneously on two types of gasoline.

As for low-intensity activities, such as sleep, preference is given to fats, but not only to them. Carbohydrates and proteins are also involved in energy exchange, the first a little more, the second – a little less.


Essentially, glucose is the most affordable, easiest, and fastest source of energy. That is why this substance is so in demand in our body. All human organs, including the nervous system, need it. She, in turn, is very easy to work on glucose, and the least comfortable with fatty acids. It is worth noting that the brain, central nervous system and internal organs daily need from 120 to 140 grams of carbohydrates, depending on the weight and age of the person. Carbohydrates are consumed even at rest, i.e. in a dream, for the organs continue to work, although not so intensely.

The use of fat as energy

Many athletes will begin to protest, they say, we have lost sight of the glycogen that is in our muscles. Few people know that muscle glycogen can only be used by muscles, because it lacks a special enzyme that allows you to turn it into glucose, which is available throughout the body. Such glycogen is capable of providing energy only for skeletal muscles, and there is no question of any restoration of blood sugar levels.

So it turns out that a carbohydrate-free diet should be built only on two “whales”:

– the maximum allowable decrease in glycogen stores in the liver, with small losses of muscle glycogen;
– retention of extremely low levels of glycogen in the body.

Compliance with the data, seemingly simple conditions, will make your body at rest (sleep, low physical intensity) use only fatty acids as energy. But how do we meet these conditions?

The answer is simple:

– With intense physical exertion, we will destroy all glycogen stores;
– reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, we will not allow glycogen to return to the previous level.

It seems to be all simple, but in fact everything is much more complicated. Read the sequel in the next article.

Abdominal muscle training

HAl press due to human anatomy used to receive only a static load, because most of the time he is trying to keep the torso in a straight line with your feet, whether walking or performing the deadlift. Recall that the load can be dynamic (raising or lowering the burden) and static (moderate prolonged contraction of muscle fibers without weight gains per se). This is manifested both in training and in everyday life. That is why it is quite difficult for the abdominal muscles to switch from static to dynamic mode to match the twisting and lifting of the body. Here you need a specialized smooth transition, the purpose of which is to reconfigure the press to a dynamic mode of operation.

There is one simple, but at the same time effective method. In each first set of any exercise for the press, perform 21 repetitions. The second approach assumes – 15, and the third – 8. It is worth noting the importance of the first warm-up set, which, as one beast test you already understood, does not count. As a result, you have 3 working sets. In addition, you need to use the burden, so that every last repetition was abandoned.

Abdominal muscles, or rather the dice of the press, are present in all people, whether you are a man or a woman, the only reservation is the presence of fat in the abdominal region. You can download the press for days on end, but the cubes will never be laid out without an appropriate diet and cardio load. However, it is worth noting that the press training is not only important from a visual point of view. The fact is that the abdominal muscles are involved in the vast majority of exercises. A prime example is the squatting with a barbell on the shoulders. Weak abdominal muscles will not allow you to progress in working weights. That is why they should be developed along with the chest, shoulders and other muscles.

From the above, we can make a simple conclusion: the abdominal muscles are no different from others. You should not fanatically gang up every training session, you will not get any benefit from it. This is approximately the general theory.


Finally, we will tell you about the correct technique of the four most effective exercises for the press.

1. Roller.

At the moment in each fitness center there is a special roller, which is the simplest design: a wheel with special handles for grip. Initially, doing the exercise while standing will be an overwhelming task for you, which is why get down on your knees. Arrange them to the width of your pelvis.

Slowly and without jerks begin to lean forward, rolling the roller to the maximum possible distance. At the critical point, without a pause, start a controlled return to the starting position. At the same time focus on the work of the press. Mentally try to roll the scooter to your belt at the same time and pull your knees towards it, not including the back muscles in the work.

Over time, increase the amplitude of the movement. As soon as you have 15 repetitions, you can safely move on to the standing version of execution.

2. Lifting your knees in the neck

This movement is one of the best, since there is no support as such. Simply put, this is the so-called basic movement, which includes the work of muscle-stabilizers. Take the hanging position on any crossbar. The grip should be wide, as shown in the illustration. Next, slightly bend the legs at the knee joints and lift the hips. Fix this position.

Slowly, but most importantly – controlled, begin to raise the knees up. Watch out for a fixed angle. Of course, your body should remain motionless. Raise the legs should be to a point that is slightly above the line parallel to the floor. At the top, make a distinct static pause. Next, just start to return to the starting position. No inertial movements, strict control. This is the only way to maximize your abdominal muscles.

A little trick is the angle at the knees: the greater the bend angle, the more difficult it is to perform the movement. That is why in case of early abdominal muscle failure, reduce the angle in the knee joints and continue to perform.

3. Corner

Static exercise, sighting attack press. It is an ideal way to prepare your abdominal muscles for semi-dynamic work. To do this, you will need a crossbar or a special press training frame, where you can take the emphasis on your forearms. As for the crossbar, then just hang on it.

Straighten your torso. Keep your head in line with your torso. Bring your feet together and lift them up so that the angle between the torso and hips becomes straight. Hold this position for as long as possible. This is one approach of the “corner” exercise. During the training of such sets should be at least three.

The key factor is your starting position. Be sure to ensure that the torso is perpendicular to the floor. If you use the forearm support, then your shoulder girdle should be one solid line. Do not sink down under the weight of the body. In addition to all of the above, during the exercise, try to breathe in deep breaths and exhalations, while not relaxing the press.

How many calories in soy juice?

Soybean juice is a low-calorie vegetable drink whose virtue on your body is beneficial. Zoom on this food not to be missed!

Soy juice and its kcal
A 100 ml glass of soy juice represents 40 kcal. Side nutritional value, this drink contains 4 grams of niwali keto protein, 2 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fat. It has as many nutrients as cow’s milk or more but does not have calcium.

The soya juice fits perfectly into your slimming program provided you choose it without sugar, natural and unflavoured.

The homemade recipe of soy juice
– 250 grams of organic yellow soybeans
– 1 liter of spring water

1 – Soak soy overnight in a large volume of water
2 – Discard the soaking water and cook the seeds in a saucepan over medium heat for 45 minutes with the spring water
3 – Cool, filter the water and keep the seeds
4 – Heat the water (hot and not boiling)
5 – Put the seeds in a juice extractor or in a blender with half of the filtered water
6 – Mix and recover the soya juice
7 – Add the rest of the filtered water and mix again
8 – Filter with a sieve or with a vegetable milk bag
9 – Store in the fridge for up to 4 days.

The benefits of this drink on your health
– Belonging to the legume family, the composition of soy contains a large number of proteins and its lipids are unsaturated. In other words, soy has “good fats”.

– Soy juice does not contain lactose and can therefore be consumed by intolerant people but also in vegan diets.

– It promotes the hormonal balance of women thanks to its large amount of isoflavones.

– It facilitates digestion because rich in fiber.

– It lowers the level of cholesterol.

– Soy, although naturally free of calcium, is often enriched in this trace element during its manufacture. Purchased commercially, it is the richest calcium drink.

– It has antioxidant virtues, fighting against the aging of the skin and against certain cardiovascular diseases.

– It reduces the risk of overweight and avoids obesity.

Low in calories and with a health benefit, soy juice will not make you fat during your diet but it will help you lose weight with the help of bodybuilding.

How many calories in the fouace?

The fouace is that big piece of bread in the shape of a crown that swells once baked. To eat when it is still smoking, this little Rouergue delight is a delight for young and old alike. Its mellow texture is addictive that it becomes easy to eat several at breakfast.

Combien de calories dans la fouace ?

But before you panic, do you know how many calories there are in the fouace? Is it then advisable to eat in large quantities? Without further ado, let’s lift the veil on this mystery.

The fouace is a high calorie food
The fouace is a real calorie bomb because 100 g of this bread can hold up to 307 kcal. And that’s not all ! Looking more closely at its nutritional value, we can quickly notice that this delicacy does not go hand in hand with the diet. Indeed, for the same amount, you will get 8.8 g of protein, 47.1 g of carbohydrates and 1.29 g of sugar.

In other words, the fouace is far from being a dietary food, which is why it is necessary to review its recipe to continue to eat without taking a gram.

The preparation of a lightened fouace
The secret to lightening this food is to downgrade its main ingredients and remove gluten from the list. The challenge is to obtain a lighter fouace, but just as tasty as the original version. To do this you will need:

1 kg of flour
150 g light butter
1 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons orange blossom
10 g of gluten-free yeast
1 glass of milk
3 whole eggs
200 g caster sugar
Take the yeast and melt it in warm water;
Put the flour in a dish and add salt;
Melt butter lightly with sugar, milk, eggs and orange blossom. Add the mixture to the flour;
Knead the dough for 30 minutes while raising it to air it and thus obtain blisters;
Once the dough comes off your hands, put it in a floured dish and let stand for 4 hours;
Once the dough is lifted, catch it from below before putting it in a crown shape over a buttered sheet;
Wait a quarter of an hour before putting it in the oven;
Meanwhile, heat the oven thermostat 7 and gradually lower to 6. Cook for about 30 minutes;
Enjoy the fouace straight out of the oven.
For the preparation to be faster, investing in a Thermomix robot would not be too much.
The fouace is a hypercaloric food. However, to succeed in a diet, it is necessary to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. That’s why we’ve offered you a light recipe so you can have fun while taking care of your figure.

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How many calories in gooseberry jam?

How many calories in gooseberry jam?

Symbol of summer’s beautiful days, redcurrant jam is very popular at breakfast . But, very sweet, does not it bring too many calories?

In reasonable dosage, probably not: if 100 grams of gooseberry jam contain 246 kcal , your morning teaspoon contains much less. We take stock of this delight that has kept the taste of childhood.

Redcurrant jam: Limit calories!
Caloric, redcurrant jam is necessarily consumed sparingly when you watch his line. Especially since it is very rich in sugar … And we know from now on: the worst enemy of the silhouette is the added sugar.

Fortunately, the small defects of gooseberry jam are partly offset by a peculiarity: rich in pectin, currant promotes both stability of blood sugar and satiety.

Moreover, lighten currant jam to better lose weight, it is quite possible. One possible solution is to make it using a lower glycemic index sweetener. But forget the fructose, too controversial: try the agave syrup instead.

Easy recipe: Light red currant jam
700 grams of fresh currants and organic (out of season you can use frozen currants
2 grams of agar-agar
6 tablespoons agave syrup
1 – Wash the currants and place them in a saucepan, as well as the agar-agar.

2 – Mix thoroughly.

3 – On low heat, let cook your preparation for ten minutes.

4 – Off the heat, add the agave syrup to the pan and mix again.

5 – Your currant jam is over. You can pour it into sterilized jars.

6 You can also make your gooseberry jam with a thermomix or a cookeo.

The benefits of gooseberry jam
Delicious, currant jam stimulates the senses by embalming the entire house during its preparation. If it requires a long harvest, it is for the good cause!

This jam also allows you to benefit from the high potassium content of its small pome fruit. But gooseberry is also a good source of minerals: calcium, phosphorus and zinc are among its main nutrients.

Finally, while cooking them lose some of their nutrients, currants your jam still contain vitamin C . A concentrate of antioxidants on your toast!

Exquisite, currant jam is not that bad for the line. But to do better, make it a little sugar : you will better enjoy its strengths, without raising your blood glucose levels in the blood.

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Is beef fat dietary?

While red meats are increasingly being criticized for their health hazards, beef fat is unlikely to be in the odor of sanctity. However, despite its flaws, the “white beef”, as it is also called, still has some dietary advantages when used intelligently.

Our opinion on this little known product.

The beef white: a perfect fat for the fryer
Fat for deep fryer, beef white is widely used in Belgium, where it gives a tasty taste to French fries. And yes, the secret of French fries, it’s him!

But the beef white also has the advantage of having a high smoke point: compared to an organic vegetable oil, for example, it is therefore healthier when used to carry out cooking at high temperature.

And the line, in all this? From this point of view, the same goes for beef white as for all lipids: it brings a lot of calories, but it does not raise blood sugar.

In moderate quantities, the beef white should not threaten your dieting!

What is the nutritional value of beef white?
The beef white is of course 100% fat. More specifically, it is a composition with 49% saturated fat: precisely the type of fat whose high dose consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular disease …

For your health, and although the beef white is an excellent fat to fry, it is not recommended to use it every day: a casual job is necessary … Anyway, during your slimming diet, any form of frying is of course to be limited!

How to use unrefined beef fat?
Solid with the purchase, the unrefined beef white liquefies then under the action of the heat. And to use the right dose, it’s easy: a kilo of beef white is simply a liter of refined oil.

And like all pure fats, beef white is very handy to keep, since you just have to keep it at room temperature, for example in your pantry.

Note that as a fat to fry, the beef white allows up to fifteen uses at home, which makes it very economical.

Very good fat fryer, beef white has its qualities, although it can not be called dietetic food. But in moderation, nothing prevents you from consuming it!

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Fish broth for weight loss?

Even if the sport is strongly advised in order to lose kilos, the method knows all the same limits after a few months. You have not reached your goal yet? No problem. It will be enough to opt for a diet to do this. In addition to fruits and vegetables, organic “lean” meat is also a good alternative, especially fish. How to eat it? Why not try it as a broth?

The calories brought by the fish broth
This meat provides very little calories to your body, as evidenced by its glycemic index of 0 . It is therefore the ingredients for its cooking (oil, butter, spices …) that make you fat. Prepared in broth, it continues to present slimming virtues. Indeed, to prepare one, just boil water, add meat and possibly vegetables for a little more flavor.

The preparation of the broth
Here is a Thai style smoked fish broth recipe, prepared at home.

Mix the following ingredients in a saucepan: water, celery, onion, bay leaf , salt and pepper.
Boil at high temperature. When boiling, add the meat.
May use Knorr or Maggi kitchen cubes.
Opt for a low heat, cover the pan and cook for 30 minutes until the flesh is detached.
Remove ridges before eating broth.
A Vietnamese version also exists, but with different vegetables (ginger, nuoc-mâm , sambal oelek and cinnamon) + a concentrate of chicken broth. Also note that broth preparation can be done with the Thermomix food processor.

When and how to consume this broth?
Although many people advise to consume this broth in winter, you can also prepare it during other seasons as a lunch. But if you have a hard time having no dinner during your diet, do not hesitate to eat at night . Remember that calorie intake is very low or non-existent.

It is nice to accompany this meal with a white wine , as the main ingredient is also white meat. But do not overdo it considering the 82 kcal brought by this drink. A glass of 15 cL will be enough to not compromise your diet.

If you do not want to give up meat while you’re on a diet, do not hesitate to prepare homemade fish broth . This meat, as well as broth, will not bring any calories to your body. Just pay attention to the condiments and drinks with which you will accompany it during your meals!


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Does Strasbourg sausage make you fat?

Originally from Alsace, this dish is made of veal fat or pork and beef. Also known as “knack”, this meat is known for its smoky taste and crunchiness. Gourmet and famous, Strasbourg sausage is also known to be relatively caloric. Also, as part of a weight and diet monitoring with Dukan, it is advisable to consume occasionally.

The nutritional value of Strasbourg sausage
With nearly 290 kcal per 100 grams, this dish is relatively caloric. Usually consumed with thermomix puree, this meat is not recommended during the search for weight loss. Providing many proteins, lipids and of course carbohydrates, sausage Strasbourg is a dish that is eaten with a light accompaniment so as not to increase the number of calories on the plate.

To avoid for all those who follow a diet without residues, a Weight Watchers diet, this dish still offers benefits in the context of the nutrition of a fan of bodybuilding. Indeed, many vitamins are present in this dish, sodium, phosphorus but also potassium.

With its important power on satiety, and its high fat content, this dish makes it possible not to overuse it.

Strasbourg sausage: good for the diet?
Pregnant, you will be more able to pay attention to its consumption, since smoked dishes are not recommended during pregnancy. In addition, you will have to buy a sausage from Strasbourg at the butcher’s shop rather than in the shops, in order to avoid the unnecessary addition of preservatives and additives in your organization.

Rich in vitamins B1 and B12, the Strasbourg sausage still has an interesting composition to meet your nutritional needs. Savoring an organic sausage will make sure that products have not been added to this meat during its manufacture. Is it fat? Without a doubt, yes.

However, by opting for a simple recipe including dietary support, you can limit the number of kcal.

A dietetic recipe of Strasbourg sausage
To combine pleasure and diet, here is a quick and easy recipe to make in the oven and without white sauce and without cookeo.

2 sausages from Strasbourg
100 grams of green lentils
1 bouquet garni
1/2 red onion
salt pepper
In the oven, after having preheated it to 180 °, insert your sausages in a dish and cook for 20 minutes with the bouquet garni. Peel and cut the red onion into small cubes and mix it with the lentils in a saucepan. Heat the lenses for 5 minutes. Serve quickly on a plate.

Gourmet, tasty, a Strasbourg sausage is hard to make homemade. However, to limit kcal, you can consume this dish in an exceptional way during a slimming diet.

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The abdominal lift: the solution against sagging skin

The received ideas have the hard skin especially when they are lodged in one of the most aesthetically sensitive places in the man and the woman: the belly! Dietary fat accumulation and weight loss, natural aging or cesarean section are factors that stretch the skin of the belly and make it unsightly.

The slimming shop 
With or without surgery, there are solutions to remedy this: the abdominal lift.

First objective : choose the right facelift
From the mildest to the most invasive method, the goal is to focus on what is best for everyone. What must be understood is that the relaxation of the skin on this precise area of ​​the belly is due to two reasons: excess fat and / or weakening of the abdominal muscles and collagen fibers .

To make a new skin firm, obviously there is sport, diet and patience . For a quicker and more convincing result the mini facelift or tummy tuck offers the best results and will also get rid of any stretch marks or scars .

Their cost varies between 5500 € and 8000 € according to the clinics . A cheaper method but not always enough: radiofrequency institutes or some dermatologists. Between 150 and 500 € depending on the number of sessions.

Get rid of excess skin and fat
The most radical and effective method, the abdominal lift removes sagging skin and empties accumulated fat by liposuction and skin removal. Practiced under anesthesia, it causes little or no complications and guarantees beautiful results especially in cases where a sharp drop in weight has caused a very strong sagging skin.

It is a complete act that treats the entire area of ​​the abdominal apron (from the pubis to the top of the navel). Post operative measures are heavier. The pain depends on the potential of each .

A tip is addressed to several surgeons to understand and integrate the different methods and choose the one that suits you best. The cost varies by clinic . The results are generally very satisfactory.

The mini facelift: mini mini lipo scar
Although restrictive by name, this is a nice alternative to rebuild a perfect belly without too much inconvenience. It intervenes mainly on the zone going from the lower abdomen to the navel. The removal of fat is done either by liposuction or liposuction.

Apart from a few hematomas and edema consecutive to the operation one can count a rebirth in less than a month. At the cost level, provide mainly post-operative care such as compresses and nursing, as well as home support costs for those with young children because weight should not be carried.

More and more men and women are turning to the abdominal facelift to fight against the relaxation of the skin of their belly . Social security support may exist depending on the case. Proof if it were necessary that the methods evolve to allow everyone to find a silhouette if it is not dream at least that satisfies him and makes his life more beautiful.


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The cooking water of asparagus: diuretic benefits?

Delicious, asparagus has many virtues. Did you know that they passed them on … to the water in which they cooked? In the list of cooking water not to throw, here is one that is worth its weight in gold.

Green, white, purple, live asparagus water!
Now, what are the properties of asparagus, which we find so happily in its cooking water? Well, basically, asparagus is diuretic, that is to say, it helps the proper functioning of the urinary tract. Thus, it helps to eliminate toxins and to release the surplus of water which afflicts in particular the people suffering from retention of water.

Asparagus broth, the detox ally
Keeping the cooking water of the asparagus is not complicated. Put it in the bottle, keep it in the fridge so you can use it in the following days, or even store it in the freezer … Then decline it to infinity! Hot or cold, this water of asparagus will do good to your body. Drink it as you drink a tomato juice; or, if the taste does not please you, use it as a broth to make your soups. Here is a simple little recipe:

50 g of rice
1 liter of asparagus cooking water
1 egg
Cook the rice in the asparagus cooking water. Beat the egg with a tablespoon of the asparagus broth, then, when the rice is cooked, incorporate the egg, especially without making it leather. Mix well. If you like more acidic flavors, a lemon wedge will wake up. Good appetite … and health to you!

Use cooking water
It should be known that the boiling water in which vegetables are cooked takes vitamins and minerals from them. This is the reason why cooking with water is considered less interesting than steaming: it steals the benefits of the vegetable.

And that is why you have every interest in preserving and reusing your cooking water. A point of common sense, however. Only use cooking water from organically grown vegetables. Even though asparagus is one of the few vegetables that selects pesticides, there is always a fraction of these toxins in your water.

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